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Picnickity Picnics


We’ve been so lucky to come across one of our latest clients, who has been so kind and generous in using us for two of her kiddie’s birthday parties. The first one was reptile themed party boxes for her little boy’s birthday, and although we don’t really do party boxes, we thought, ag why the hell not! It was a fun little project and much fun was had in making and preparing these little boxes. Her next little one’s birthday was an elaborate spa day for all the ladies, followed by a picnic lunch. I wasn’t here for this picnic, which meant mother had to put together this mammoth picnic all on her own! And I have to admit, I couldn’t have done it better. She did an amazing job preparing all the food, organisiging a sweets table and putting it out so beautifully. I think this has taken the place now of my favourite picnic we’ve done so far!